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Which of the following countries is most worthy of becoming next Launched MMM Country?

Jan 16, 2019
30% instead of 12%!

From January 17 to February 14, the MMM Official performs an action for the accelerated defrosting of the System’s debt.

In these two weeks, you can doubly accelerate the process of returning your money from MMM 2012!

Support Accelerated Development Plan — get your money faster and get richer, because that's the essence of the MMM Financial Aid System!

More opportunities, more money, more joy — this is the MMM Official!

Mind is the Power
of the modern man!

Be smart - participate in the System of Financial Mutual Aid!

Get up to 50% per month
  • No Banks, credit cards, taxes, fees...
  • Only your Mind, Heart and Mutual Aid which lead to a Better Life!
  • Bitcoin is the guarantee of our Freedom

Everyone has the right to a Better Life.
You just need to make

the Right Choice MMM

The resumption of payments

Jun 22, 2019

Dear participants of the MMM System of Financial Mutual Aid.

We have been restoring the work of the payment system after a targeted external attack throughout the week. China has suffered the most. Thus far, Brazil and Official have resumed payments, work on the restoration of China is close to completion.

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