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Change of withdrawal rules

Jun 12, 2019

Friends, it is obvious that you liked the possibility of daily percent withdrawal, right?

However, this opportunity was used to ensure that you could be convinced — MMM System of Financial Mutual Aid has revived and really works!

But do you remember how the system works?


That is, we do not chat about refinancing rates, interbank loans, hedging ... like banks and governments — WE HELP YOU HONESTLY REDISTRIBUTE INVESTED MONEY!

Therefore, the number of participants should constantly grow, and input should be more than output!

The founder, for this very purpose, created the Referral program and the opportunity to develop Leadership structures.


Now, according to the MMM System Development Plan, you can withdraw money daily, from the beginning of the next week in those cases if:

  1. The amount of input for your referral structure exceeded the amount of withdrawal for the previous week.
  2. The amount of input for your Leadership structure exceeded the amount of withdrawal for the previous week
  3. You have made an amount greater than the amount withdrawal for the previous week.
  4. Upon reaching the Ten Level*
    *the possibility of daily withdrawal of interest is provided automatically by default.


If the input amount for the last week was less than the withdrawal amount, then during next week you can withdraw an amount equal to the daily percentage of your contribution, but not more than once a week.

Expand and develop your Referral and Leadership structures and remember: Financial Pyramid becomes self-sustaining ONLY AFTER REACHING OF CRITICAL FINANCIAL MASS!

Ensure your safety!

Be sure to retain alternative links to the site http://2gh5gdijkotlfdxbwezow7rtm2gx35g2waoczf4zh6yzfhqpc3xuy5qd.onion and to the entrance to your Personal Account http://qi2mu2w4rth3g24pxodwdei7njnho53igje22jqlj5ghymt6ae6uw4qd.onion bypassing any lock!

Logging in with Tor browser will make your security 100%!

Financial apocalypse is inevitable! We can do a lot! :-)