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Which of the following countries is most worthy of becoming next Launched MMM Country?

We are currently completing a total system update!

Apr 20, 2019

Dear participants of the MMM Financial Aid System,
We are currently completing a total system update!
You will get access to new features and advanced functionality of the site.
Investments will be available immediately in two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum!
You will again be able to provide and receive assistance in national currency!
A list of updates will be posted on our sites.
Follow the news attentively!

We draw your attention to the fact that due to the planned work on the System updating; your personal accounts will not be available from
04:00 22 April, 2019 at 10:00 on 23 April, 2019 GMT

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to make appropriate changes to your deposit / withdrawal plans in advance.
All conditions for the growth of deposits remain in force; the daily interest withdrawal will be available the next day after the above completion date.